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Site ofCamp ofGeneral BurgoyneOctober 10th to 17th1777.
On these fieldsthe British Armygrounded armsat the surrender.
This tree commemorates a great elm tree under which it is said that British General John Burgoyne signed the "Convention of Saratoga" by which he surrendered his forces to American General Horatio Gates, October 17, 1777.Considered to be the turni…
". . . we passed Hudson's river, and encamped in the plains of Saratoga, at which place there is a handsome and commodious dwelling-house . . .", so wrote an officer of British General John Burgoyne's invading army in September, 1777. The "dwellin…
On these grounds the French and Indians killed Capt. Philip Schuyler and 30 others, burning Mills, Stores and 30 houses. June 30, 1747, the garrison of Ft. Saratoga was surprised, when 45 men were tomahawked and scalped. Site of the house of…
Fire TowerErected of wood in 1916Steel tower erected in 1920Cabin built to house rangerClosed 1990, restored andstaffed summers from 1996
Turning point in thestruggle for an independentUnited States of America Saratoga Battle ChapterSons of the American Revolution4 July 2002 Originally placed in honor of ourNation's Bicentennial
Near This SpotOctober 16, 1777American andBritish officersmet and consummated"Articles of Convention"ofGeneral Burgoyneof the British ArmytoGeneral Gatesof the American Armyand onthis historic ground ofSaratogathe British Armylaid down its armsOct…
Erected 1887 byJohn Watts de PeysterBrev. Maj. Gen. S.N.Y.2nd V. Pres't Saratoga Mon't Ass't'nIn memory ofthe "most brilliant soldier" of theContinental Army,who was desperately woundedon this spot, the sally port ofBurgoynes "Great (Western) Redo…
Triumphant from their spectacular victory in the Battles of Saratoga, American troops pursued British forces that retreated to these grounds. After a brief siege, the British surrendered, marched down this hill and laid down their weapons on Octob…
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