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Here began the Chisholm Trail. Established in 1865 by Jesse Chisholm Hundreds of thousands of tons of freight left Wichita and over 3000000 head of stock arrived over this route in the years of its use.
Delano, the town located west of the Arkansas River was a colorful locale. Although the violence in this area was over-dramatized, it remained as a place of drunkenness, gambling, gunplay, and prostitution. The most popular and dramatized gun batt…
In memory of ourHeroes1861 - 1865 Lest We ForgetLoyalty
At the close of the Civil War when millions of longhorns were left on the plains of Texas without a market, the Union Pacific was building west across Kansas. Joseph McCoy, an Illinois stockman, believed these cattle could be herded over the prair…
In October 1865 hundreds of Plains Indians camped on these prairies to negotiate peace with U.S. government officials. Among them were Chiefs Black Kettle and Seven Bulls (Cheyennes), Little Raven and Big Mouth (Arapahos), Rising Sun and Horse's B…
With the faith and courage oftheir forefathers who madepossible the freedom of theseUnited States The Boy Scouts of America dedicate this replica of theStatue of Liberty as a pledgeof everlasting fidelity andloyalty 40th Anniversary Crusa…
Built 1897-1903Renovated: 2004Historic & Current Address:800 East Douglas Built 1897-1903Renovated: 2004Historic & Current Address:802 East Douglas
"it (streetcar 230 on the College Hill line) is a moving...collection of junk, rattling and torturing its inmates in a manner that would bring tears to the eyes of the turnkey of a Russian prison...If you can stand up in the car for a mile after d…
Built for line of overalls, shirts and other work clothes Historic & Current Address:700 East Douglas
Built for $50,000Historic & Current Address:704 East Douglas
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