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Crusoe Island. Site of Crusoe Post Office until 1852. Home of Senator David H. Evans, 1837-1920. Stage relaying barns were located here. State Education Department 1935 var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1'…
When women first demanded "the elective franchise" or the right to vote at the 1848 convention, they secured their own and the Wesleyan Chapel's place in history. In 1908 this community and descendants of the convention's participants proudly unve…
This Memorial recognizes the 57 men from Waterloo who died in the Civil War. Local residents sculpted the individual cenotaphs. The white marble Star Stone honors all of the 620,000 Confederate and Union soldiers and sailors who died in the…
Organized 1796 by Rev. Daniel Thatcher of Virginia This building erected 1838
This monument is dedicated to those men and women who served and trained at Sampson Air Force Base during the years 1950 to 1956 By the bond of men their flight is won [Sculpture] "Pitching Up" Dexter Benedict · Sculptor
Dedicated to those who served their country in time of need
The Three Bears have been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 1845 · 1860 · 1845
This memorial is dedicated to those brave Sampson Navy Men who gave their lives fighting our enemies in action during World War Two. Our national organization of 6000 Sampson WW-2 Navy Veterans, we the survivors, dedicate this monument to their e…
Bolstered by the success of the air assaults during World War II, United States Air Force leaders aggressively pursued upgrading the air fleet to the latest jet-propulsion technology. The Leap to the Jet Age Two years after entering World War II…
At the onset of World War II, new naval stations were needed to train the numerous recruits expected to enlist. The area that is presently Sampson State Park was a desirable inland location for the station. It had sufficient level land situated ne…
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