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Membership 70 Hardin Presbyterian Church Building 1865 - 1925 38' x 50' Note: this brick building was badly damaged in a windstorm on July 25, 1925 and was torn down
Here the pioneer founders of the congregation built a log church in 1832. In this place they laid to rest their dead from 1832 until 1900. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
Fort Loramie The Indian Wars came to an end when Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne defeated the Indians in the Battle of Fallen Timbers (1794) and then negotiated the Treaty of Greene Ville the following year. After the treaty, Gen. Wayne construct…
St. Patrick Catholic Church was organized as a parish in 1862. The first church, made of logs, was built in 1863. At that time, the community was mostly Irish. The second church, a wood frame building, was erected in 1874. The last church, built o…
560 feet south stands the first brick house built in Shelby County by John Wilson in 1816. He settled on the farm in 1807.
The dams of the Miami Conservancy District are for Flood Prevention Purposes their use for power development or for storage would be a menace to the cities below. Lockington one of five dams built by the Miami Conservancy District f…
Front side (flag logo) In honor of those who served our country during times of peace and war. Those who gave the supreme sacrifice, those still missing and those who came home both whole and broken. (five service logos) Back side (mu…
In Memoriam to those brave soldiers sailors, marines and nurses, who responded so nobly to their country's call in all her wars
This bell tolled from the belfry of Port Jefferson School to students of this area for 73 years. The school, located on the S.W. corner of Spring and Wall Streets, was razed in 1982. secured by the Alumni Committee, this memento of 'days gon…
First County Seat of Shelby County 1819- 1820 Hardin was founded in October, 1816 by Thomas McClish, Joseph Steinberger and James Lenox. These men were also instrumental in developing Shelby County, which included the areas of Allen county…