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David D. Colton built a handsome brick building on this site in 1856, and outfitted the upper floor as a theater which operated until 1858. At various times the building housed several businesses, including a skating rink, saloon, hotel, restauran…
Site of the Yreka Gas Works which on Dec. 17, 1859 first lighted Yreka Streets. The gas was made by burning pine pitch.
On this ground there was established on Oct. 16, 1852 a military post by Companies A and B First United States Dragoons. From April 23 1853 until June 28 1858, the date of its abandonment, this fort was garrisoned by Company E 4th US Infantry. …
The Arch is the strongest form of architecture known to Man. This steel arch replaces the original concrete arch first erected on this site in 1922. Due to the lack of maintenance over the years, surface cracks appeared. Because there were no b…
Site of Berryvale Post Office. It operated from 1870 to 1887. Postmasters were JH Sisson, GL Lamphere, ET Keyser, Sophia J Fellows. The post office moved to the railroad station in 1887 and became known as Sisson in 1924. It was renamed Mt. Shasta…
Alexander Johnson donated the land for the first High School, City Park and the Catholic Church. Leonard Joss, naturalist, landscaped the first city park, planted diverse flora all around Etna. In honor of their generosity we dedicated this …
This land of ?Siskiyou'...?Beaver Valley'..."Rough and Ready"...?Aetna Mills'... ?Etna'...many names - butOne land of majestic mountains, pristine rivers & lakes. Sparkling streams flow through meadows filled with life, Once abundant with beaver, …
Hallie Morse Daggett was a refined woman educated in San Francisco, however, her deep love for her childhood home at the Black Bear Mine near Sawyers Bar drew her back to the mountains. She knew how to hunt, fish, ride, trap and shoot early in lif…
Hudson Bay TrailOriginated 1836
Birthplace ofSenator Randolph CollierJuly 26, 1902Calif. State Senator1938 - 1976
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