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"The first day of October we journeyed west fourteen miles to the Snelling Ranch, now called the Hurd Ranch, near Sheep Rock, Shasta Valley." - Andrew Soule, Oct 1, 1854
At this point the Yreka Trail turns south Phoebe Hogeboom Terwillinger October 10, 1854 "Went 15 miles came to a big meadow and camped. We took water with us this morning. Found no good water here."
"Stop at Sheep Rock  Here is ceder [sic] and pine   Large strait [sic] and tall Now this is a large rocky region where the mountain sheep abounds   Deer and antelope to[sic]" - Sophronia Helen Stone, Sep 22, 1852
A dream of Dr. G.W. Dwindle and others was realized when this dam was completed in 1927. The water surface is 1,800 acres, the length of the shoreline is over 15 miles, the maximum depth is 80 feet. 11,000 acres of farm land are irrigated from thi…
1857 - 1887 12 mies to Yreka 2 1/2 hours drive
This is known as the first log house in Yreka. Built about 1953.
Administered by the Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture has been designated a Registered Natural Landmark This site possesses exceptional value as an illustration of the nation's natural heritage and contributes to a bet…
Campsite of Indians and Hudson's Bay trappers. Popular resort on the California-Oregon Trail, 1857-1920
Memorial To Our Soldier Boys Of Siskiyou County Who Served In the World War Erected by Eagle Cliff Lodge 163 K. of P. A.D. 1923
Dedicated to the Memory of Pioneer Stage Drivers 1854 · "Knights of the Whip" · 1887 To the pioneers of stage and team · Who blazed this trail and crossed this stream · To you whose courage led you on …
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