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On September 29 and 30, 1841, a detachment of the Wilkes expedition numbering 33 persons under the command of lt. George Emmons camped near this site. The party was in route from Fort Vancouver, Washington to Yerba Buena, California, and spent tw…
This monument overlooking the spot where gold was first discovered in Siskiyou County in the summer of 1850 is dedicated to the memory of John Scott
The piles of boulders you see before you were made around 1850. The miners used both windlass and water powered derricks to lift and pile these rocks in their search for placer gold in the underlying sands. Water power for the derricks was dev…
In honor of our veterans who sacrificed their lives in World War II Alphonse, L.G. · Baugartnere, W. · Bernheisel, T.L. · Capello, A.F. · Clark, J.J. · Dunaway J.S. · Dutro, W.E. &mid…
This plaque commemorates the 60th anniversary of the American Legion. The national charter was signed in Hornbook on Sept. 16, 1919 by President Woodrow Wilson while his train stopped enroute from Portland to San Francisco.
1935-1942 Civilian Conservation Corps This camp was built and staffed by the CCC, an organization that was established during the Great Depression by President Franklin Roosevelt to reduce unemployment and to preserve the nation's natural …
Killed in Action V.F.W. Post 5944 Dorris , California Richard J. Birman · Loren E. Clark · Hudson Moak · Roy N. Taber · Donald F. Taber · James Forthingham · Dalton Yokem · …
Over the years, various individuals and group have made efforts to memorialize the death of General E.R.S. Canby, the only general to be killed in an Indian War. This wooden cross is a replica of an original erected by a U.S. soldier in 1882, just…
This was the shoreline of Tule Lake in 1872-73. The Modoc Indians occupying the Stronghold obtained water at this point. Once nearly 100,000 acres, the lake was drained between 1912 and 1958 to make fertile land available for homesteads.
It was April 11, 1873, the middle of the Modoc War. Though greatly outnumbered, Modoc warriors had easily defeated the Army in the first battle for the Stronghold in January, and soldiers had waited through the winter while peach talks dragged on.…
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