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Thousands of years ago, flowing lava cooled forming a natural fortress. The surrounding area later became the center of the Modoc Indian homeland. A series of events made this lava stronghold a focal point in the war to remove the Modoc from their…
Forced to flee the stronghold, the Modoc took cover amid the craggy lava features in this area. A group under Scarface Charley watched from the Schonchin Flow as Army troops marched from Gillems Camp toward their concealed position. Officers T…
On this site was located the historic lumber town of Klamathon. Townsite laid out in 1888 by the Klamath River Lumber and Improvement Company with the sawmill completed on July 23, 1892. The town boasted a sawmill, box factory, sash and door facto…
Born March 6, 1835 in Lexington, Missouri, Tacitus, at the age of nineteen, left for California by the southern overland route. The journey took six months to complete. He spent many years mining in Napa and Sonoma Counties, working on a ranch in …
Ohio House Stage StationOregon Trail1852 - 1871
Sawyers Bar is perhaps the most picturesque of the northern mining towns. It was founded in 1850 by Captain John Best and party who were guided to the spot by a friendly Indian. The town was originally called Bestville and had over 3,000 inhabitan…
Earliest known trapper to visit Scott Valley. Employed by the Hudson Bay Company on 1836. He latermade Scott Valley his home.
Arrived in California in 1852 via Isthmus of Panama Lieut. Governor 1883-1887Supt. San Francisco Mint 1893-1897 Owner Black Bear MineProduction 3,000,000 dollars
First woman U.S. Forest Service Fire LookoutEddy Gulch Lookout on Klamath PeakKlamath National Forest 1919-1927
The city of Etna began in 1853 with the construction of a sawmill. In 1855 a flour mill was built and named Rough and Ready Mill. Stores, a hotel and schools were established by 1858. In 1854 a flour mill was erected a mile away and named the …
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