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THE NATURAL DYNAMICShip Harbor was formed by natural forces over thousands of years. It is maintained as a natural landform by the continued dynamic balance of these same forces. Preservation of this area requires that physical, chemical, and biol…
The Great Northern Depot was built in 1911 at 7th & R & served as a depot until 1973. This photo of the north side shows a steam engine, people on the platform, horse-&-buggy "hacks" for hire &, in the background, the original Methodist Episcopal …
The W.T. Preston's steam-powered engines were first installed on the Swinomish in 1914, then transferred with most of the machinery to the new wood-hulled W.T. Preston in 1929, and to her steel-hulled replacement in 1939. Originally fired with …
A skipper and crew of up to 14 lived and worked on the W.T. Preston. River maintenance skills were cultivated and passed to the next generation. A diligent fireman could earn a license and work up to engineer. Deckhands were promoted to mate and e…
By 1882, Puget Sound's rivers were served by hundreds of steam paddlewheelers with such shallow drafts people joked they could "float on a heavy dew." Because their flat-bottomed hulls were easily punctured by submerged stumps and debris, Congress…
Specie: Douglas FirOrigin: Olympic ForestAge: 970 yrs.Height: 242 ft.Board Ft: 51000 Donated byAnacortes Veneer25th Anniversary 1964
USS Chabaulip [sic], 1917Our Last WWI Vet, '95
had a market here 1922-57——————————Paul Luvera Sr. Memorial Highway An Italian immigrant who exemplified the fulfillment of the American dream, Paul N. Luvera, Sr.'s life was dedicated…
Wife of City of Anacortes founder,Amos Bowman Lisa Liedgren, Artist Mural based on image courtesy of Anacortes Museum(Wallie Funk Collection - 1890)