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Icaria-Speranza was a utopian community based on the writings of French philosopher Etienne Cabet. In 1881, at Cloverdale, French immigrant families led by the Dehay and Leroux families began their social experiment in cooperative living based on …
Here in 1881 Italian Swiss immigrants established an agricultural colony. Choice wines, produced from grape plantings from the old world, soon brought wide acclaim. By 1905, ten gold medals were awarded these wines at international competitions.
This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Palces by the United States Department of the Interior c. 1880 reg. 90002155
The "Cloverdale Reveille" is the oldest weekly newspaper continuously published under the same name in the state of California. Founded in the 1870s, and surviving the ups and downs of frontier journalism, the "Cloverdale Reveille" was adjudicated…
The petrified forest, dating from the Eocene Period, is the only known example of a petrified forest in California. Its size, scope and variety of petrification is unique in the world. Opalized wood, obsidian, quartz crystal, petrified coral and f…
This beautiful Beaux Arts Building was designed by Carl Ingomar Warnecke of the architectural firm Miller and Warnecke in 1921. The Bay Area firm designed residential work, apartment buildings, schools, commercial and civic structures. Mr. Warn…
In 1907, Mr. Herman C. Bartelt purchased what was then known as the Willow Brook Hotel from Mrs. Ellen Hayne, widder of William Harvey Hayne, who had purchased the the property sometime prior to 1900. It was located at Corona Corners until the cit…
Sheriff Samuel Potter donated the land for this public school in 1872. In September of 1873 classes for grades 1 through 8 were held in two large classrooms on the first floor. The upstairs functioned as a multi-use room and community hall. In…
The Children's Bell Tower is dedicated to children everywhere. It was inspired by the death of seven-year old Nicholas Green of Bodega Bay who was shot by highway robbers while on vacation with his parents in Italy, on September 29, 1994. All t…
Hogan Building Petaluma & Santa Rosa R.R. has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 1903
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