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This church and St. Bernard civil parish were named after the patron Saint of Spanish Governor Bernardo de Gálvez who, in 1778, sent Canary Islanders (Isleños) to settle at the Post of La Conceptión, later variously called Terre-aux-Boeufs, De …
Canary Islanders (Isleños) settled Terre-aux-Boeufs (Cattle Land) after parceling in 1778 by Pierre Philippe Marigny, during regime of Governor Bernardo de Gálvez after whom St. Bernard Church and Civil Parish were named. First burial, June 6, 1…
Here, in "Land of Oxen," in 1788 Governor Bernardo de Galvez appointed Commandant Pierre Phillippe de Marigny to parcel land on the bayou for Canary Islanders. Later, Creole planters bought large estates on the bayou.
December 14, 1814 - desperate delaying action by a small squadron of five American gunboats, a tender, and one dispatch boat under the command of Lt. Thomas ap Catesby Jones. Facing them was a large flotilla of armed British barges carrying about …
Last plantation on east bank of Mississippi River below New Orleans to be involved in Battle of New Orleans. Captured by British and used as a hospital. Owned then by Charles Coulon Jumonville de Villiers.
Command Colonel Third Regiment of Louisiana in the Battle of New Orleans night skirmish of December 23, 1814, fought on the grounds of this and adjoining plantations. Main house served as temporary British headquarters and hospital January 8, 1815…
Designed by Henry Daboval and built by J.C. Bourg in 1911. Court held here until 1923 by Justices of the Peace. Three small jail cells remained occupied through 1939. The jail was restored in 1985.
These Versailles Oaks Were planted in 1783 byPierre Denis De La RondeBorn New Orleans, April 20, 1762Died December 2, 1824 Here he also built a French Colonial residence He was Lieut. at conquest of W. Florida.Military Commandant St. Bernard, LA.M…
The construction of a monument honoring Andrew Jackson and his troops was the first step in recognizing the importance of the battlefield and saving it for future generations. In 1852 the Louisiana legislature appropriated funds to purchase land a…
The first owner of the The Malus-Beauregard House was Madeleine Pannetier Malus, a widow who purchased land from the St. Amand brothers when they divided the Chalmet plantation into small tracts in 1832. Malus built a French Colonial house in 1833…