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Built with funds from steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, the Carnegie Library was designed in 1904 by Canton architect Guy Tilden and opened to the public in 1905. This magnificent structure served as the Canton Public Library until 1972. Thanks to…
The above steam pipe is from the Battleship Maine which was sunk in Manila Harbor February 15, 1898. Erected in memory of Spanish American War veterans.
This plaque is placed on this day during Paris bicentennial celebration in recognition of the contribution of all Armed Services Veterans from this Paris Area.
This large piece of steel was once a part of the proud USS Battleship Maine. The ship was commissioned in 1895 and was part of the "Great White Fleet."The Maine sailed into Havana Harbor on January 25, 1898. The ship had been sent there …
This cannon was taken by forces under the command of Admiral Dewey during the Spanish-American War in August 1898. It was being used for the defense of Santiago Harbor, in the Phillipines.The cannon is made of bronze and was cast in Doury, France …
This mortar was taken by forces acting under the command of Admiral Dewey at Santiago Harbor, Philippines, in August 1989. The mortar was being used by the Spanish in defense of the harbor during the Spanish-American War.The mortar is made of bron…
Each detail incorporated into the Monument was designed to symbolically tell the visitor about William McKinley.According to the architect's writings Harold Van Buren Magonigle's design considered these factors:     · The Memorial was t…
Paving on the overlook andcurbing in this motor courtare dedicated as a memorialTo Our Soldiers of All WarsThe Lincoln HighwayMemorial Association   1949
Final resting place of William McKinleyTwenty-fifth President of theUnited States of AmericaA government like ours rests upon theintelligence, morality and patriotismof the people.Speech delivered byPresident William McKinleyDecember 20, 1898Donat…
Built from 1905 to 1907, the McKinley National Memorial is the final resting place for President McKinley, his wife Ida, and their two young daughters.This magnificent tribute to our 25th President was built entirely from private donations, organi…