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This monument is dedicated to the memory of all those who served their country in the United States Submarine Service and to those who made the supreme sacrifice to preserve American Freedom. Their legacy will live on in future generatio…
U.S. Navy submarines paid heavily for their success in World War II. A total of 374 officers and 3131 men are on board these 52 U.S. submarines still on "patrol." Albacore · Amberjack · Argonaut · Barbel · Bo…
Includes both sides of Union Avenue from Main Street to Raymond Street. The area consists of 19 houses and the Islip Public Library. #54 is particularly noteworthy with many original and unique Queen Anne features and sawn decoration on rafter end…
Composed of substantial houses of interesting architectural variety, including two different spanish styles of the 1920s, Some in Queen Anne Victorian vernacular, some in Colonial revival and one in English half-timber Style. Two early houses were…
Capt's home, "Greatest of the light air skippers." Afterguard w/Capt. Haff on Volunteer 1887 & Defender 1895 America's Cup Defenders.
Site of Pyrrhus Concer (1814-1897) homestead born indentured; sold into slavery gained freedom; legendary whaler; prominent resident; devout Christian; philanthropist
Built by Edward Howell near this site for Southampton Colony
Site of the spider legged mill to which Major Cochrane tied William Russell during the Revolution and ordered him whipped until bloodied
[Left Tablet:] Revolutionary War Joseph Burnett · John Conklin · Henry Halsey · Jesse Halsey · ★ Shadrack Hildreth · Henry Ludlam · Jeremiah Ludlam · Matthew H. Sayre ·…
Built in 1800 at Sag Harbor _________ Moved to this site in 1814 by James Corwith and operated as a mill until 1887 _________ Tablet placed by Southampton Colony Chapter Daughters of the Revolution
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