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Long Eddy had its first organized baseball team around 1890. The team played neighboring towns of Acidalia, Basket, East Branch, Roscoe, Hankins, Callicoon and bitter rival Fishes Eddy. Games were played at the Long Eddy school (now Dedeco). Pict…
The Erie Railroad provided service to Long Eddy from the late 1800's to 1962. Freight such as milk and bluestone were picked up at sidings along the way and brought to market in New York City. Passenger service ranged from one to four trains daily…
Built around 1850, the Long Eddy Hotel was originally a blacksmith's shop. Steve and Carrie Porter moved their saloon (named "The Pig's Foot" by the locals for the pickled pigs feet served as the free food at the bar) to the blacksmith's barn and …
At its height, Long Eddy's business district boasted four general stores. Supporting a population that had grown to 500 by 1890, as well as the neighboring small hamlets, Long Eddy's main street was the source for all of one's needs including groc…
Long Eddy hotels such as the Maple Grove House served as stopping places for both laborers and vacationers. Log drivers guiding their rafts down the Delaware River found the calm waters of the eddy a convenient place to tie up their log rafts and …
Found only in a narrow section of New York and Pennsylvania, bluestone was the material of choice for sidewalks in the 1800's. Demand from major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and as far away as San Francisco and Havana, Cuba cre…
Given by George Milk
Formerly Douglass City 1867 - 1878 Sullivan County's Only City "To those who conceived it and all who came after." 1st. settler, Joseph Geer, 1800
Long Eddy was teeming with industry during the late 1800's. Factories and mills produced board lumber, furniture, rolling pins, handles for rakes and hoes, spindles, porch posts, corn meal, buckwheat flour, wooden cheese boxes and excelsior. The l…
Founder and Benefactor of the Hankins Fire Company The officers and men of the Hankins Fire Company will always be grateful for the generosity and civic interests of Philip F. Gottschalk 1882 - 1966