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On May 7, 1895 Ezra and Sarah Cray Reed deeded 1/4 acre to the town for the town hall site. The original town hall was erected at a cost of $400.00 and was destroyed by fire sparked by "firing up" a steam roller kept in a nearby shed. The replacem…
Handy Family. Burial place of Handy Family. Believed to be Forestburgh's first settlers. David Handy died in 1814.
Two children of John Brooks and son-in-law Joseph Hubbard, were killed here by Brant's Mohawks and Tories, 1778
One of the seven schools established in 1837. It was a joint district serving children in Oakland Valley and Orange County. The school term was three months, 20 days. In 1866 it had an enrollment of 82 pupils. It closed in 1943.
Hartwood, Formerly called "Trotters" from a tannery on this site. Renamed by an early settler, Clowes,in honor of his wife's father, Reverend Hart.
Here at the home of his brother Edmund, the author of the Red Badge of Courage lived and wrote in the early 1890's.
Founded in 1886 by the Sisters of St. Dominc. Saint Josephs was established on property purchased from the estate of millionaire Thomas Hunt Talmadge. Through vision and sacrifice, the Sisters developed a community that included a convent, chapel,…
Was built on land donated by Thomas Woods & consecrated on August 7, 1900. Father Vincent Arcese, Rector of Saint Josephs' Convent & Sanatorium served as pastor from 1900 until his death in 1946. Humphrey Toomey and Michael Galligan served as the …
Author & Choreographer. Her works include the autobiography "Dance to the Piper" & dances for the show "Oklahoma"
Site of Methodist Church organized 1838. First place of worship in Forestburgh. Building erected 1859.