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Although two attempts to recover the bodies of the fallen at Minisink Ford are recorded as having taken place in the weeks following the battle, it was not until 1822, forty-five years after the event, that the remains still lying here were gather…
On July 20, 1779, a party of eighty seven Tories and Iroquois Native Americans under the command of Capt. Joseph Brant raided the frontier settlement of Minisink (present day Port Jervis). The raid destroyed homes, farms and mills and was designed…
In July 1779, after raiding the settlement of Minisink, Loyalists and Native Americans under Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant ambushed and pursued Orange County and New Jersey militia. Revolutionary War Heritage Trail
Entrance to Battlefieldwhere July 22, 1779, N. Y.and N. J. Militia attackedMohawk and Tory raiders ofMinisink (Port Jervis).
On this hill, July 22, 1779,N. Y. and N. J. Militia weredecimated by Mohawks andTory raiders of Minisink,(Port Jervis) under Brant.
One of the deadliest infrontier warefare, betweenMilitia and Brant's Toriesand Mohawks, on this hillJuly 22, 1779.
Col. Joseph Brant led 40Mohawks and Tories up thisravine and ambushed N. Y.and N. J. Militia lying forhim on hill to the west.
The Mohawk leader of raidon Minisink (Port Jervis)camped here July 21, 1779.Pursuing Militia camped 3miles up this same brook.
This is the original site of the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair held on Aug 15, 16, 17, 1969.Peace and MusicWayne C. SawardsculptorOn Stage Performers. Richie Havens, Arlo Guthrie; Joan Baez; Joe Cocker; Ravi Shankar; Janis Joplin; Jimi Hendrix; Jo…