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The first Court for Tazewell County was held June 1800 at the residence of Henry Harman, Jr. The house site is located two tenths of a mile to the northeast. Harman's grave is to the north. In the same burying ground is the marked grave of his bro…
On the hillside to the south stood Big Crab Orchard Fort, also known as Witten's Fort. Thomas Witten obtained land here in 1771 and built the fort as a neighborhood place of refuge. It was garrisoned in Dunmore's War, 1774.
Five miles southwest is Abb's Valley, discovered by Absalom Looney. James Moore and Robert Poage were the first settlers, about 1770. In July, 1786, Shawnee Indians raided the valley, killing or carrying into captivity the Moore family. Mary (Poll…
This region was visited by the explorer, Dr. Thomas Walker, in 1750. Following a report by Captain I. A. Welch in 1873, the first coal mine was opened here in 1882. Shipment of coal followed in 1883, when the Norfolk and Western Railroad reached t…
Bluefield College was chartered in May 1920 as "an institution of learning for the instruction of boys and young men in the various branches of science, literature, philosophy, and the liberal and useful arts." With strong support from the Baptist…