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Governor of Pennsylvania 1899-1903, Congressman in 1891-1899; was born two and a half miles SW of here April 18, 1846. Graduate of Mansfield Normal. Began Law practice in Wellsboro, 1870. Moved to Pittsburgh, 1877. Died March 1, 1920.
This tablet commemoratesthe discovery ofCoal in Tioga Countyin 1792
Dedicated toVeteransof All U.S.A. WarsfromBlossburgPennsylvania
Homestead ofWilliam B. WilsonFirst U.S. Secretary of Labor1913 - 1921Member of House of Representatives1906 - 1912
This tablet marks the campof the pioneers constructingthe Williamson Road.Weather conditions delaying theconstruction. Canoes were builtand used from this camp toApple Island1792-93 Placed byWellsboro ChapterDaughters of the American Revolution…
Here the road builders late in 1792 ended work. After facing starvation, they were rescued by canoes and supplies from Painted Post. Canoe Camp derived its name from the incident.
One of the early railroads in the Northeast was completed in 1840 from Corning, N.Y. to Blossburg. It was built by the Tioga Navigation Company to connect the Chemung Canal, and the Erie Railroad, with the local coal fields.
In memory ofProfessor F.A. Allenerected byformer pupils of theMansfield SoldiersOrphan SchoolHis words of wisdom and tenderadmonition have provided a guideand inspirationThis tablet marks the site of the school, 1867-1889
In 1936 seventy-five percent of Pennsylvania farms had no electric service. During the next five years, with Federal support, 14 consumer-owned cooperatives were formed in the State. Tri-county Rural Electric Cooperative, serving much of north-cen…