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Historic Horsebarn Hill. UCONN. The Hill and adjoining land were part of the original gift of land and money made in 1881 by Charles and Augustus Storrs to establish what is now the University of Connecticut. Today Horsebarn Hill is a multipurpos…
Hitching Post # 3 Animal control was a topic of government interest in Union early on. At a town meeting on December 25, 1738 Alexander McNall, (Union's first settler) was chosen fence viewer and Amos Stickney and W. Robert Paul were continued …
Buried 8-18-1984 by Union Historical Society Uncover 8-19-2034 This was the stepping stone to The Center School C. 1844 Plaque gift of Gertrude and Maurice Chappell
Site of the first Meetinghouse in Union 1741 - 1844 Pastors Ebenezer Wyman 1738 - 1746 Caleb Hitchcock 1749 - 1758 Ezra Horton 1759 - 1788 David Avery 1796 - 1799 Nehemiah Beardsley 1824 - 1831 1908
Willington Birthplace of Jared Sparks 1789-1866, Historian President of Harvard
In Memory Of Those Who Served In The Defense And Protection of Their Country "They served in war that peace might reign. Let justice and truth that peace maintain." ( plaques at the base ) Oliver Chapin Pvt Conn Militia Revolut…
This Memorial Is Dedicated In Honor Of the Men and Women of Somers and Somersville, Who Served Their Country In the Armed Forces and Helped to Preserve Our Freedom and Democracy. Presented by the American Legion Buck - Dubiel Post #101 &mdas…
Somers Memorial Honor Roll In Memory of Longin Sonski Civil War Francis Aborn · William Burbank · Edward Hagen · James Drake · Alonzo Griswold · Milo D. Smith · Henry Bond · Henry…
Descendant of the Original Charter Oak May It Grow As Strong As Our Country Somers Lions Club     May 30, 2002
Somers Named 1734 Settlement was begun here in "East Enfield" about 1706 by Benjamin Jones, followed in 1713 by Edward Kibbe, James Pease, Timothy Roote, and John McGregory. The Town of Somers was incorporated in 1734 by the General Court of Mass…