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Stafford This is the home of the famous mineral springs where the Indians met to drink the iron and sulphur waters to make them "lively" and to which the future President John Adams came for his health in 1771. Later the elite of the Na…
1715   Tolland   2015 300th Anniversary Our Founders On its 300th anniversary in 2015, the town of Tolland honored these 59 pioneers, who, on May 9, 1713, first petitioned the colony to create our beloved town. Tolland was granted a charter o…
Tolland Formerly a part of Windsor and named after Tolland in England, was settled in 1713 and granted a charter in 1715. The first homes were built in 1713 on a highway at Grant's Hill, so called from ancestors of President Ulysses S. Grant. Tol…
For God And Country In Everlasting Gratitude To Those Who Fought And Served To Keep Us Free In Honor Of Tolland Veterans Men And Women Who Served To Protect Our Land 1990 By The Tolland Juniorettes
Ellington This region was named by Indian inhabitants Weaxskashuck, meaning Great Marsh. Early white settlers called it Windsor Goshen or Great Marsh. In 1671 Town of Windsor purchased western part from the Indians, receiving eastern portion late…
Site Of The First Meeting House Ellington Congregational Church 1739   —   1806 Marker Erected By Ellington Grange 1976
In Honor Of Those Who Gave Their Lives 1941   World War II   1945 SN Thomas J. La Boc   Aug. 10, 1942 · AF Francis M. Brigham   Jan. 9, 1943 · LT George J. Bolles   Dec. 23, 1943 · PVT Arthur T. Kelly   Apr. 7, …
( west plaque ) 1675   Colonial Wars   1763 Bingham Ithamar · Ellsworth Daniel · Fitch Medinah · Hubbard Isaac · Pierson Benjamin · Pinney Benjamin Jr. · Pinney Joseph Jr. · Wadswo…
Constitutional Oak Presented To Francis M. Charter Delegate From Ellington At The 1902 Connecticut Constitutional Convention Erected By Grange No. 46 P. of H. 1967
Cogswell Memorial Fountain Through the generosity of Rosetta Pitkat, a life-long resident of Rockville, This statue of Dr. Henry D. Cogswell was commissioned by the Rockville Downtown Association. The Statue, ungainly cast of zinc alloy in 1883, …