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( inscribed on the four arched panels on the center column ) City of Rockville · Town of Vernon War Veterans · Army · Justice War Veterans · Navy · Freedom War Veterans · Marine Corps &m…
Ellington Wall of Honor Honored 2001 John B. Decarli 1885 — 1935 E.V.F.D. Charter Member · Captain Constable 1915 - 1935 Nellie E. McKnight 1894 — 1981 Educator · Librarian · Historian Honored 2002…
Vernon First settled by families from East Windsor in 1716 and originally a part of East Windsor and Bolton, the Town of Vernon was incorporated in 1808 by division of the Town of Bolton. In 1889 the City of Rockville, named from the Rock Mill, w…
To All Veterans Of Vietnam And Those Who Died Edwin P. Davis · Whitney T. Ferguson III · Randall S. Fletcher · Donald C. LeBlond · Edward L. Ott III · Steven G. Slack · Joseph P. Zale Vie…
World War I 1917 — 1918 World War II 1941 — 1945 Dedicated To The Honor And Memory Of The Men And Women Of The Town Of Vernon Who So Gallantly Served Their Country In World Wars
Dedicated To The Citizens Of Vernon Who Served In The Korean War And To The One Who Gave His Life · Albert Ellsworth Boothroyd Cpl US Army · In Honor Of All Those From Vernon Who Have Served In The Armed Forces Of The Uni…
Fitch Mill, Belding Silk Mills & Dart's Stone Mill In the late 1700s, the terrain at this corner was a wilderness, with ancient hemlocks growing on steep ledges overhanging the river. The Hockanum River tumbled out of Snipsic Lake, and down a ser…
3 1/2 miles S.E. (route 87) Eleazar Wheelock's Indian School, 1754 from which developed Dartmouth College.
This WWII Japanese 37 mm anti-tank cannon was liberated from Japanese troops in the mountains of the Solomon Islands during WWII by Tech. Sgt. "Duke" Baldwin. Baldwin, of the 169th Regiment, 43rd Division, dismantled and packed the can…
Birthplace of Jared Sparks 1789-1866. Historian President of Harvard