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This monument is erected by the citizens of the Town of Willington, Connecticut in sacred memory and appreciation of those brave men who went forth in response to the call of our country to fight for its freedom and peace. May 3…
Front The area that became Mansfield was included in land acquired by sixteen residents of Norwich and nearby towns from Mohegan Indian chief Joshua, son of Uncas. This tract was incorporated as the town of Windham in 1692. At that time …
1902 Constitutional Oak (a Pin Oak-Quercus palustris) Planted May 3, 1902 to commemorate the State Constitutional Convention of that year
CaptainNathan Hale1776 Born at CoventryJune 6, 1755 I only regretthat I have but one lifeto losefor my country Died at New YorkSep 22, 1776
1727-1727. This edifice originally a Meeting House was donated by the Wilington Ecclesiastical Society to the Town of Willington for the use of the public and to perpetuate the memory of the forefathers and foremothers who with Christian fortitude…
In 1720 a party of eight men, originally from England, bought sixteen thousand acres in this region and called it Wellington. One of these, Roger Wolcott, subsequently became governor of Connecticut (1750-1754). After a century of farming the t…