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Between 1933 & 1941 men from Civilian Conservation Corps Company 1265 built many of the facilities at Buttermilk Falls & R.H. Treman St. Parks. Town of Ithaca 1996
In April 1789 on four hundred acres of the old maize lands of the Iroquois The Three Pioneers Jacob Yaple · Isaac Dumond · Peter Hinepaw from Kingston NY cast seed and in September 1789 brought their families twenty soul…
Fall Creek has long attracted entrepreneurs, whether for industrial, recreational or educational purposes. Over the years, a succession of dams, mills and powerhouses have been constructed to harness the water power of its various falls. Investmen…
New York's land-grant university, founded 1865 by Ezra Cornell "Where any person can find instruction in any study."
On this site lived and died Ezra Cornell Member of the Assembly-Senator-Philanthropist Benefactor of the City of Ithaca-whose citizens rear this token in grateful appreciation —————————…
A magnificent ring system · Saturn is a gas giant composed mostly of hydrogen and helium. It has the lowest density of any planet in our Solar System, with about two-thirds being water. · Saturn's rings are made of countless …
An ice giant, tipped on its side · Uranus has a rocky core, a mantle of water ice, ammonia ice, and methane ice, and a gaseous outer envelope of hydrogen, helium and a bit of methane gas, giving it a blue tint. · Winds on Ura…
The land before you was once home to the extended family of Robert H. Treman, creator of parks and protector of green spaces throughout Tompkins County. The woodland that grew up here was inhabited for decades by diverse wildlife and more than 5…
A failed star with a turbulent, rapidly-rotating atmosphere Hurricanes much larger than Earth · The Great Red Spot is a hurricane-like storm system that has been continuously active since its discovery by Galileo Galilei over 400 years…
[Title is text] [Foundry mark across top reads] Naylor Vickers & Co. 1858 E. Riepe's Patent Cast Steel Sheffield [England] No. 715