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     The Lincoln Highway was established in 1913 as the nation's first coast-to-coast automobile route. It consisted of existing roads that were marked with the distinctive Lincoln Highway logo. Perhaps the most famous means of identificati…
Evanston was established by the Union Pacific Railroad Company late in 1868. In the first county election, September 6, 1870, Evanston was chosen county seat. Union Pacific Railroad shops moved here in the fall of 1871. Timber and sawmill operatio…
The National Registerof Historic Places -Wyoming Place No. 105 Uinta CountyCourthouse
Erected byThe Members oftheWoodruff Stakein Honor ofThe Mormon PioneersWho passed this pointWednesday July 7, 1847and in subsequent years
EstablishedAs a Trading Post in 1843U. S. Military PostOn the Overland TrailJune 10, 1858 to October 6, 1890 This monument erected bya few interested residents of theCommunity in the year1914
The fort was established about 1842 by Jim Bridger discoverer of Great Salt Lake; notable pioneer, trapper, fur trader, scout and guide. Bridger was born at Richmond, Virginia, March 17, 1804 and died at Westport, Missouri, July 17, 1881. His uner…
The Muddy Creek Camp, which was northwest of this marker and on the west side of the Muddy Creek was used by Brigham Young's first group of Mormon pioneers who arrived here on July 9, 1847. Thomas Bullock reported that the brethren sang hy…
"At three o'clock p.m. we crossed Muddy Creek, a beautiful clear stream of water with a pebbly bottom, and camped on the west side after traveling 3 miles during the day ... we had a pretty campground... The brethren sang hymns for the President; …
In 1886, the Territorial Legislature established the Wyoming State Hospital, originally named the Wyoming State Asylum for the Insane, to provide care for mentally ill citizens. The site chosen for the hospital was at the southern edge of Evanston…
Nineteenth Century railroads were dependent upon coal for fuel. The vast coal reserves of southern Wyoming helped determine the route of the transcontinental Union Pacific Railroad and were the basis for Wyoming's first energy boom. Commun…