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General John B. Gordon Born Upson County Feb 6, 1832 Died Jan 3, 1904 Soldier of the Confederacy, Statesman, and Christian Gentleman Erected by U.D.C. 1938
1861 · 1865In memory of the Confederate Soldiers of Upson Our Soldiers
First cannon ball fired at outbreak of the War Between the States, at Fort Sumter, April 12, 1861. Presented to U.D.C. by Mrs. Sallie White to whom it was given in 1861 by P.W. Alexander, leading Confederate War Correspondent, who was present w…
First Post Office at The Rock Stage Coach Route on Old Federal Road 1816. Marked by Gov. Edward Telfair Chapter D.A.R. Thomaston, GA. 1923.
This bridge, 120 ft. long spanning 96 feet, was built in 1892 by the firm of Herring and Alford, using the town lattice construction. Its cost of $1,199 was funded by the Upson County Commission. It is the last remaining covered bridge in Upson Co…
Side 1: Circa 1830 Pettigrew - White - Stamps House Home of the Upson Historical Society Side 2: Placed in Memory of James Hightower 1777 - 1851 William Gaines Andrews 1796 - 1875 By Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Hightower, Jr.
This County, created by Acts of the Legislature December 15 and 20, 1824, is named for Stephen Upson, a well known lawyer of Lexington, Ga. Lt. Gen. John B. Gordon, famed Confederate leader called "second to the great Lee" was born in Upson County…
Here rest 34 Confederate soldiers, all of whom died in the Confederate hospitals located in Thomaston. These men came from seven of the Confederate states. Only six are "unknown" graves. Hospitals located here were the Newsom, Frank Ramsey and sev…
Trice cemetery, the largest family burial round in Upson County, Georgia, was established by William and Jane Tamplin Trice whose house once stood 300 yards west of the cemetery. William (1789- 1858) and Jane (1794- 1856), both buried here, were a…
Here lie twelve Confederate soldiers, ?known but to God', who died of disease and wounds, 1864- 1865, in the General Hospital, Georgia State Line, located near this spot. Dr. A.P.Brown was senior surgeon in charge of the hospital. Dr. E.A. Flewell…