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First successful automobile built here by John W. Lambert in 1891 Built at this site.
First successful automobile built here by John W. Lambert in 1891. Site of the first automobile wreck.
An Altar of Peace In memory of and in tribute to the members of this community who so nobly served our nation in her several wars May God grant that their service and devotion shall not have been in vain and that the liberty of mankind …
[right stele] These served in Former Wars War of 1812 (2 names) Civil War (29 names) Spanish American War (3 names) [left stele] Those who served in World War I (47 names)
[far left stele] Those who served our country in peacetime (68 names) Persian Gulf (2 names) [far right stele] Those who served during the conflicts in Korea (55 names) Viet Nam (56 names)
The howitzer was used by the U.S. Army during WW II. It was issued to Airborne Units and Cannon Companies of Infantry Regiments. Range 7 miles.
Site of Indian Reservation granted to John Bapt. Richardville Chief Miami Nation By St. Marys Treaty of October 6th 1818 1200 Acres
One of Ohio's greatest manhunts ended here on the morning of July 23, 1948. Robert M. Daniels and John C. West, parolees from the state prison in Mansfield, had gone on a killing spree that left six people dead. Driving west on U.S. Route 224 in a…
"The Man Who Named Convoy, Ohio" Robert Nesbitt was born in Convoy of Donegal Ireland in December of 1810. Nesbitt emigrated to the United States and moved to Van Wert County in the late 1830's. In 1939, Nesbit(t) purchased 120 acres in Tully T…
(Side One)Here Lies Robert NesbittThis is the grave site of Robert Nesbitt, an immigrant from Convoy, Ireland who named Convoy, Ohio after his home town. In 2010, the Convoy Community Foundation, Convoy Lions Club, Convoy Business Association, and…