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( West Side ) Iraq and Afghanistan War Deaths from Indiana ( Row One ) Steven Faulkenburg ▫ Jeffrey Corban ▫ Jason Profitt ▫ Christopher Monroe ▫ James Brown ▫ Richard Langenbrunner ▫ Michael Hiester &#…
May 30, 1996 In recognition of all the American Legion Veteransof Rainbow Post #263 Cayuga, Indiana. Presented by the Sons of the American Legion Squadron #263
In Memory of Those who gave so Much for so Many
In Memoriam 1861 —— 1865 Clinton's Tribute to the Soldier Dead buried within these grounds ( Base Section ) Soldiers Monument
(Front of Memorial)In Appreciation of Everyone from this Community who served during World War II ( Row One ) Billy Samson ▫ Albert Koma ▫ Jack Lewis ▫ John Hardie ▫ Jesse Allen ▫ Thomas Strong ▫ Fred Vanz…
Dedicated to all veterans during war and peace time. (Lower - Middle: panel):Nothing hurts like being forgotten. Nothing helps like being remembered. For those who fight for it, life has a special flavor the protected never know. (Left side …
Ernie PyleState Historic Site
At this spot the 77th Infantry Division lost a Buddy.Ernie Pyle18 April, 1945This is a replica of the original built at Ie Shima by the 1118 Engineer Combat Group United States Army.
County commissioners ordered (1873) to replace unsafe bridge over Big Vermillion River at Eugene. Built 1873 by Joseph J. Daniels, Rockville: Burr truss design, 180 foot span, using existing abutments. Closed to vehicle traffic, 1974. Listed in Na…
100 yards south, Harrison's Army crossed the Big Vermillion at sunrise, having just built Boyd's Blockhouse, enroute to the Prophet's Town at the mouth of the Tippecanoe to disperse the Indians there assembled.