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Side oneBorn Anne-Th?re Gu?rin in 1798 in France. In 1823, she entered the Catholic congregation Sisters of Providence of Ruill?; received the name Sister St. Theodore. Noted for her teaching, she led a mission from France to establish schools and…
( Front )Operation Iraqi FreedomKilled In ActionFrom Vigo County( Obverse )Kyle W. Childress
( Front )W. W. IIKilled in Actionfrom Vigo County( Obverse )( Row One ) Lawrence Aaren · Ray E. Adams · William H. Altekruse · Charles V. Anderson · Warren C. Anderson · Wayne W. Anderson · Adolph P. An…
Abraham Markle (1770-1826) had gristmill and dam built here 1817. Mill had an early horizontal water wheel in a splatter box located within the stone foundation of the structure. Wooden part of mill destroyed by fire 1938. Markle was one of founde…
( Front )For the Veterans of Vietnam For the M.I.A.sFor you fallen comradesFor those who came home For your Heroic efforts abroadFor your Greater efforts at home With belated acknowledgmentof your duties performed,for God and Country; We …
Built by Gov. Harrison, Oct., 1811, enroute to Tippecanoe to disperse the Indians at Prophet's Town.Capt. Zachary Taylor defended the Fort against a savage Indian attack, Sept., 1812. De-activated in 1822.
(Front )Korean WarKilled in ActionfromVigo County( Obverse )Charles G. Abrell · Herbert D. Akers · William Bellinger · Joseph A. Bray · Norwood C. Cooper · John H. Cowger · William Cunningham · Char…
( Front )World War IKilled in Actionfrom Vigo County( Obverse )Benjamin L. Acree · Earl R. Bailey · Edward Barron · Alva R. Barton · Carl E. Bell · Earl A. Bright · Fred L. Brooks · Anselin G. Broph…
Colonel Richard W. ThompsonJune 9, 1809 - - Feb. 9, 1900Orator - StatesmanPartiot - Friend
Front Cpl. Charles G. AbrellU.S.M.C.Medal of HonorJune 10, 1951Korea Both SidesKorea Back Joseph A. Bray Det. 471Marine Corps League