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We enjoy the bountiful wildlife and rich natural resources in Oklahoma because of the many officers who have dedicated their lives to wildlife law enforcement. Ranger Garrison gave his life, the ultimate sacrifice, while attempting to arrest a …
Dedicated to theSons of Wagoner Countywho gave their lives duringthe Second World War. "By this living symbol wewill remember that they didnot die in vain."
Became Indian Territory's first incorporated town Jan. 4, 1896 under Mansfield's Digest of the Laws of Arkansas. The citizens (about 2,000) sought to form a city government to provide improvements and the upbuilding of society. Wagoner began India…
Creek Indian school founded by Rev. R. M. Loughridge, Presbyterian Bd Foreign Miss. 1843. Coweta, ancient Creek town in Alabama, re-established in this vicinity by Creeks who arrived Ft. Gibson on steamboat, "Facility," 1828. This was home town of…
Texas RoadThe most ancient and important trail through OklahomaThree Forks at the head of navigation of the Verdigris River the oldest trading post in Oklahoma dating from 1812.Creek & OsageIndian agencies on the East and West banks of the river b…