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This double lime kiln is an example of the kilns once found throughout the Musconetcong River Valley. Early settlers farmed an area until its fertility was depleted. By the early 1800s German immigrants introduced the practice of sweetening and en…
The open spandrel design pushed reinforced concrete arches beyond the known limit when built. An engineering feat, the railroad alignment rises and falls 11 feet over 28.45 miles.
To The Unknown Dead For Us Their Precious Lives They Gave; For Freedom's Sacred Cause They Died.
Sea Wolf In Memorial America's Most Decorated Warrior John Duncan Bulkeley Vice Admiral, United States Navy August 19, 1911 - April 6, 1996 World War II   Korea Schooled in Beattystown 1928 graduate, Hackettstown High School Served his …
For many years the people in and around what was to become Blairstown relied on streams, springs, and hand dug wells as a source of water. That was all going to change. With an ever increasing population of people, cattle, and other domestic stock…
Blairstown had a doctor but no place in town to purchase prescriptions on a regular basis. In 1872, Daniel Shoemaker, a druggist from Belvidere, started supplying the needs of the people for medical supplies on an irregular basis and in 1876 moved…
The year 1913 was another special one for Blairstown as it witnessed the opening of a theatre. On April 2,1913 Robert Roy and Raymond Smith opened a community hall and theatre named Roy's Hall. The first floor was utilized for dances and similar a…
Blairstown Historic District Incorporated 1845 Early Trading and Commerce Settlement Formerly Known As Smith's Mills 1780 Butts Bridge 1785 Gravel Hill 1825 Blairstown 1839 New Jersey and National Designation 2007
In March of 1839, the citizens of Blairstown (then Gravel Hill) and vicinity convened for the purpose of electing trustees of a Presbyterian church. John I. Blair was made chairman and Dr. John Albright secretary. Prior to this meeting, the practi…
Built prior to 1819, the residence before you is recognized to be the oldest homestead in the village of Blairstown. The longest continuous residents of this place were the Simeon Cooke family who lived here from the mid 1850s until 1927. Mr. Cook…
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