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In Memory Of The Unknown Dead Soldiers, Sailors And Marines Of The War of the Rebellion 1861 - 1865
In honor of Pekin, Indiana, a town reported to have held Fourth of July celebrations regularly since the 1830's. Each July 4, citizens gather in Pekin to remember the birth of their nation and to pay tribute to the sacrifices made by their ancesto…
Nearby is the boundary of the Illinoian Glacier, which covered all but approximately 6,250 square miles in south, central area of Indiana. Most of Indiana's topography was affected by four separate glacial advancements during Pleistocene epoch, ci…
On July 10, 1863, shortly before noon, General Morgan entered Salem with two brigades of cavalry. One was commanded by Colonel Basil Duke, his brother-in-law, and the other by Colonel Adam Johnson. While in Salem, the troops looted, then burned…
Located 40 rods west of this spot. Est. before 1812. Salem's early settlers are buried here including Brocks, Kemps, Hendersons; also John Zink, a ranger with Col. Dawalt, fatally wounded by Indians after the Pigeon Roost Massacre.
The following twenty-one (21) honor roll memorials are arranged as one single ?marching army in review.' They are arrayed east to west (starting from the side-walk stairs) in a chronological order (from the American Revolution and ending with Viet…
Historical SocietyOrganized 1897. Headquarters and Genealogical Library in Museum building. Birthplace of John HayBuilt in 1824 as a school. John Hay, Secretary to pres. Lincoln and Secretary of State for Presidents McKinley and T. Roosevelt, w…
On July 10, 1863 at his headquarters on the southeast side of courthouse square, General Morgan watched the indiscriminate looting of Salem. Hardest hit was Berkey's Store on the northwest corner of the square. At Berkey's more than $1,000 wort…
Dedicated to the honor and sacrifice of our men and women who served our Country in all wars + * + * + * + Let none forget they gave their all and faltered not when came the call
Birthplace of John Milton HayA man of Letters, a Statesman and a World Renowned Diplomat of our Country