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First Hose Company. . The First Hagerstown Hose Company dates to 1815. Its hand pumper was originally housed in a shed located on the north side of St. John's Lutheran Church, one block to your left. . . In 1881, the First Hose Company purchas…
Hagerstown Female Seminary. . The Hagerstown Female seminary, a women's college founded by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, opened its doors in 1853. Its name was changed in the 1890s to Kee Mar College, and operated at this location until 1911 wh…
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. . Hagerstown was bypassed in the great race westward between the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. The City was left without a rail connection to the south or west. The "Washington Count…
Hagerstonians in the Civil War. The Rebels MacGill. A local doctor and father of 11, Charles MacGill (1806-1881) was a co-founder of the Hagerstown Herald and was a major general in the Maryland Militia. . . On September 30, 1861, Union troops …
Washington Monument State Park. Home of First Completed Monument to Honor George Washington. . Background . Overshadowed by the Battle of Antietam (near Sharpsburg), which took place three days later and resulted in a loss of 23,000 men, the Batt…
From December 17 to 20, 1861, Gen. "Stonewall" Jackson attempted to halt traffic on the canal by diverting the river around the Virginia abutment of Dam No. 5. Damage was slight and repairs were effected within two days.
Presented by Aux. Unit #26 May 26, 1969 Comm. Bruce Clipp Unit Prs. Waldene Lanehart In recognition of services rendered our country by the men and women of the Tri State Area
Joseph Hancock, Jr. Private American Revolutionary War August 20, 1776 - April 3, 1780 8th Pennsylvania Regiment Served: New Jersey, Brandywine, Paoli, Germantown, Valley Forge, The Western Frontier (Fort Pitt & McIntosh)
Oldest Church in Hancock Hancock Methodist Church "1828"
"This sculpture is very significant to me. It depicts the importance of transportation to the history of my home county. It is made all the more special because it is installed outside my library in Hagerstown, the place where I dreamed and was in…
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