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[west face] 1850 1900 In memory of the First Swedish Settlers in Minnesota [south face] 1850 - 1900 Oscar Roos, Carl Fernstrom och August Sansahl från Vestergötland, Sverige, bosatte sig å detta hemman omkring den 18 de Oktober 1850 och…
The first Swedes arrived in the territory of Minnesota in 1850, settling in Scandia. By 1920 nearly a quarter of Minnesota's foreign-born residents were from Sweden, making it the home of more Swedes than any other state. About half lived in Minne…
In the 1850s and 1860s, your view from here would have been of a small but busy village. Sawmill operations began at Arcola in 1847, signaling not only the start of a prosperous business but also the growth of a community. Beyond the Mower Mans…
How do you move millions of logs harvested from the forests of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin? Rely on a river. From 1839 to 1914, the St. Croix was a crucial link between logging areas and markets. Arcola witnessed this great movement of tim…
On May 6, 1867 Socrates Nelson & Elizabeth Churchill in consideration of five dollars conveyed to the Washington County Board of Commissioners Block 36 Original City of Stillwater for a site for county buildings.
In honor and remembrance of all Washington County veterans. This monument was made possible by the generous donation of the Margaret Rivers Fund and other contributors.
On this site, in the frontier river settlement of Stillwater, sixty-one delegates from the vast unorganized wilderness west of the St. Croix assembled on August 26, 1848 to hold the Minnesota Territorial Convention. In this convention the name Min…
This property has been listed as a Contributing Member of the District by the United States Department of the Interior
This flag, which once flew over the United States Capitol in Washington D.C., now flies proudly over Main Street, Stillwater, Minnesota. It is placed as a memorial to all Veterans, who in times of wars and in times of peace, throughout the hist…
On Easter Sunday April 18, 1965 floodwaters of the St. Croix River crested here at 694.07 ft. above sea level, highest stage ever recorded at this point, and 19 ft. above normal. A mile-long dike built by hundreds of volunteer workers, including t…