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Railway Bridge Piers. . The large stone piers located below in the Hudson River were placed there in 1837 for the construction of the Saratoga Whitehall Railroad. The bridge was not completed and the railroad stopped work due to the panic of 1838.…
Stone Arch Bridge. . Reconstructured 1870 over original stone bridge var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.getElementById('inscription1').innerHTML = plainText; Reconstr…
Stockaded Fort. . In 1778 a stockaded fort was erected atop this hill and occupied by Charlotte Co. militia as a defense against the British forces. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; d…
Old White Church Cemetery. . Twenty Revolutionary War soldiers rest here var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.getElementById('inscription1').innerHTML = plainText; Twen…
General John Williams. Roots of Liberty. Surgeon-Soldier Public Servant var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.getElementById('inscription1').innerHTML = plainText; Surge…
Panel 1 Lakes to Locks Passage takes you through a spectacular landscape laden with history. Follow this map to find your way through four story-filled regions that connect the historic waters of Lake Champlain and Lake George with the Champlain …
Throughout history the corridor along Lake Champlain and the Hudson River has been a transportation route of significant strategic and commercial importance. In pre-colonial times it was an important Native American trail. After the arrival of Eur…
We will never forget our Veterans who answered the world's call for freedom [Honor Rolls] Dedicated May 25, 1992
In memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice and in honor of those who served 1917 · World War · 1918
Old Well Used in Fort Site. Built Before Revolutionary War by Queen Anne of England.
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