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Philip Skene founded Whitehall, originally known as Skenesborough, in 1759. He was lured here by the availability of hydropower for mills provided by the falls on Wood Creek.The magic word for Skenesborough's existence is transportation, due to it…
The completion of the Champlain Canal in 1823 transformed Whitehall from a minor port at the head of Lake Champlain into a bustling transshipment point for goods destined for Troy, Albany, New York City, Buffalo and the West. Lumberyards, icehouse…
The Old Stone House Libraryhas been placed on theNational Register ofHistoric Places in 2013by the United StatesDepartment of the Interior
On October 11, 1776 at Valcour Island, off the western shore of Lake Champlain, a naval battle took place that may well have decided the fate of the American Revolution. Although they fought valiantly, the Americans lost the battle. However, they …
Arnold's Valcour fleetbuilt in the summer of 1776,in Skenesborough Harbor,now Whitehall.
In 1775, Skenesborough was captured by American forces in the first aggressive action in New York. Benedict Arnold built his fleet for Lake Champlain here in 1776. Revolutionary War Heritage Trail
With the British in pursuitthree vessels of B. Arnold'sLake Champlain fleet wereblown up in this harbor byAmerican forces July 6, 1777to avoid being captured.
In this vicinity atWood Creek Falls, stood theSkenesborough Mills used tosaw plank for BenedictArnold's 1776 Valcour fleet.
Placed on board vessels ofB. Arnold's Lake Champlainfleet, both were blown upin Whitehall Harbor by theircrews July 6, 1777, to avoidcapture by the British.
Steamer laid at VergennesConverted to warsloopMacDonough's flagship 1814Battle of PlattsburghSunk East Bay - Raised 1958
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