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Parish Courthouse. . . Barn 100 feet east marks site of first justice seat for Washington Parish. It served as Courthouse from March 1820, until removed to present site in 1823, with Col. Thomas C. Warner as presiding judge. va…
O'Neal Moore (1931-1965) and his partner, David "Creed" Rogers were the first black deputies of the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office. June 2, 1965, the deputies were ambushed by alleged members of the Ku Klux Klan in a drive-by shootin…
Only official state road in Washington Parish until 1843. Choctaw Indians cut trail for trade with tribes in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Biloxi, & Mobile. White man believed to have used trail as early as 1542.
In Honor ofJohn BickhamFounder of FranklintonIn 1819 John Bickham offered to donate thirty acres of land to serve as the Parish Seat of Justice and also to provide land for the building of public schools in what is today the town of Franklinton. W…
To The Sacred Memory ofWiley PierceBorn - Jan. 10, 1882.Robert Wesley CrainBorn - Aug. 16, 1886.Both MurderedMarch 3, 1923.Two native sons of Washington Parish. True and loyal citizens, officers of the Law, were foully shot to death while in the p…
At this very site, along the banks of the Bogue Lusa "Black Water" Creek, in 1906, this Great Southern Lumber Company's tent Colony marked the birthplace of the City of Bogalusa.
Fueled by discriminatory practices & violent intimidation that permeated his community, threatened his family & friends, Mr. Hicks developed an unquenchable thirst for justice & equality. He "sparked the spirits" of people & communities. His invol…
City was born here in 1906 just west of here on Bogue Lusa Creek bank when tents were set for 1st campsite of Great Southern Lumber Co. Portable sawmill was erected to cut lumber to build town and what became world's largest sawmill.
Some 300 yards West of here on John Bankston's Creek near spring stood log cabin where bachelor Matt McCain taught school for children of pioneer settlers in summers.