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In 1831 Father Patrick O'Kelly came from Detroit to minister to the Irish Catholics in the Washtenaw area. He offered his first mass in Ann Arbor on July 12, 1835, in a home located on land bounded by Detroit, Kingsley and Fifth Streets. St. Thoma…
In memoryof all veteranswho served our countryin time of war
In memoryof our soldiersdead1861 - 18651898 - 1899 WW I ? ? ? ? ? ? ? WW II1917 - 1918 ? ? ?1941 - 1946 Korean? ? ? ? ? ? ? Vietnam1950 - 1955? ? ? ?1961 - 1975
(North Face):Erected underthe auspices ofWoman's ReliefCorps No. 210,assisted byR.P. CarpenterPost No. 41,and PatrioticCitizens 1861 to 1865(West Face):R.P. Carpenter Post No 41 To the memoryofour noble deadwho freely gave theirlives that ou…
In memory of the soldiers and sailors of Washtenaw County who served in the Civil War, 1861-1865, also those who served in the war with Spain, 1898. Erected A. D. 1914.
[Marker Front]:Willow Run (1941-1953)After entering World War II in 1941, America desperately needed military equipment and supplies. The Ford Motor Company had begun building this factory in April 1941. Outstanding industrial architect Albert Kah…
This Statuewas presented byMary-Ann Starkweather 1861-1865Erected by the Women'sRelief Corps of Ypsilantiin memory of the men who inthe War of the Great Rebellionfought to uphold theircountry's flagMemorial Day 1895They died to make their count…
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