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c. 1835,Religious Society of Friends,Quaker.The Founder of Quakerism, George Fox, who landed at Rye in 1678, experienced that God speaks to the condition of each person through an Inner Light.
On this site stood the stone residence of Peter Disbrow, designated by the Rye colonists as the "Rye Fort" when it was offered for protection from the Indian attack during "King Philip's War" of 1675. Around 1728 the present frame (North) porti…
(Front):To the soldiers of White Plains who died in the service of their country in the Civil War 1861-1865. (Back):Erected by their late comrades and the town of White Plains July 4, 1872.
This Memorial Is DedicatedbyThe Town of LewisboroTo Honor Its Valiant CitizensWho Have Served Their CountryIn The Armed ForcesIn Time Of War.May 30, 1955
This church stands on the Ancient Village Green of Eastchester, a General Training Ground and Election Place in Colonial Days and Enlisting Headquarters for Revolutionary Soldiers. The First Meeting House, erected on the Green North of this Chu…
St. Paul's Church was founded in the new settlement of Eastchester in 1665. The present building, begun in 1763, served for a time as Hessian troop quarters during the Revolutionary War. Completed about 1790, it has been restored to its appearance…
This historic site is Merritt Hill which marks one of the actions in the battle of White Plains on October 28, 1776. During the attack on Chatterton Hill, the British marched up the road to Connecticut (Lake street) to attack the left flank of…
was originally erected in 1804to mark the distance of 17 milesfrom New York City Hallby the way ofThe New Boston Post Road.This monument was re-erected by theDaughters of American RevolutionKnapp ChapterPelham New YorkApril 30, 1937
On the adjacent hillside"Glover's Brigade"of the Continental ArmycampedOctober 17, 1776,engaging in the Battle atPelham Manorthe following day.
The grounds of thePelham Memorial High Schoolwere part of the farmbelonging toColonel Philip Pell1753 - 1811Judge Advocate Continental ArmyMember of the New York State AssemblyRegent of the University of the State of New YorkSurrogate of Westchest…
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