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[ East face ]The American Revolution1775 · · · 1783"America's Most Famous Cannon" Sept. 21, 1780 · John Jacob Peterson of African descent · and Moses Sherwood of Van Cortlandt 3rd West, Militia took it to Croton …
Presented to the people ofPeekskill and dedicated tothe teachers in the public,private and church schoolsby Chester A. Smithand Edith M. Smithin appreciation of theirfather, Louis H. Smith forthirty-five years a teacherin the public schools ofWest…
[ West face ]Dedicated to the Memory of the Men of F.D.N.Y. Engine 54 Ladder 4 Battalion 9 Battalion Chief Edward Geraghty - Battalion 9 Captain David Wooley - Ladder 4Lieutenant Daniel O'Callaghan - Ladder 4Firefighter Michael Brennan - Ladder 4F…
Erected in 1837. For manyyears Washington Irvingwas vestryman and warden. Ivy is from cuttings fromvine on his home Sunnyside.
Erected in 1837 as SouthChurch of Old Dutch Churchof Sleepy Hollow became aseparate congregation 1851
The Old Dutch Churchof Sleepy Hollow, built 1697by Frederick Philipse, FirstLord of the Manor, in usesince except in Revolution.
Described by Irving in TheLegend of Sleepy Hollowformerly spanned thisstream at this spot.
This tableterected by the Sons of the Revolutionand citizens of this vicinity onJuly 15, 1899Commemorates the Action at Tarrytownwhich occurred near this spoton July 15, 1781and also the heroism ofColonel Sheldon and Captain Hurlbutof the Second R…
Here in 1780 three honestmilitiamen arrested MajorJohn Andre Adjt-Gen. BritishArmy, disguised, preventingdisaster to the American cause.
On this spotthe 23rd day of September 1780 the spyMajor John Andr?Adjutant General of the British Armywas captured byJohn Paulding, David Williamsand Isaac Van Wart, all natives of this county. History has told the rest.The people of Westchester …