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George Washington's Headquartersin White PlainsOct. 23-31, 1776July 27 - Sept. 16, 1778 National Register of Historic PlacesWhite Plains Historical Society
The center of Washington's Army was located here from Oct. 28 to Oct 31 1776 during the operations around White Plains.Erected by Act of Congress ? May 18, 1926 [ Upper Marker : ]This mortar and this remnant of the revolutionary entrenchments o…
Set apart by Col. Philipse.Graves of Rev. soldiers.Cannon fire hit tombstone.First site of Pres. Churchmoved to Sing Sing 1800
Rear Admiral U.S. NavyCommanded "Monitor" against "Merrimac" Hampton Roads,Virginia, March 9, 1862
stood on this site. In 1777Alexander Hamilton lay illhere for 2 weeks. The courtmartial that tried GeneralLee met here July 15, 1778.
Owner operated Kings Ferry1664, Colonel Livingston'sHeadquarters, 1781. Washingtonpresented medals to captorsof Major Andre here in 1782.
This was the original siteof this river crossing usedin colonial days. Movedduring the Revolution tothe area of Fort Lafayette.
Public School Until 1912A Museum of Local History Since 1913
Named to commemorate the place where Jan Peeck, Dutch trader, 1940-1950 met Indians to trade for furs.
Left PanelIn Memory ofthose who paidthe supremesacrificein the Viet NamConflict1969-1973Daniel T. Joyce · Ronald Manca · Philip Marasco · Michael F. Sullivan · William Thorton, Jr. · Joseph A. Marasco Right Pa…
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