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Chaining the HudsonEarly in the Revolutionary War, the Continental Congress realized that if the British controlled the Hudson River, they could divide the rebellious colonies. To prevent this, in march 1776, the Americans began construction of Fo…
This property has been placed onthe National Register of Historic Places byThe United States Department of the Interior Dedicated on September 22, 2002New York StateandTown of Cortlandt
Countess Lucille VIThis M-48 tank was erected by Camp Smith in honor of Chief Warrant Officer Frank J. Costanza, New York Army National Guard. Warrior and citizen soldier, he served as Post Maintenance Supervisor from 1980 to 1991. A veteran of th…
Erected By the Alumni OfThe School to the Memory OfC.F. Chamberlain ? '06 ? Cadet Garnett Noyes ? '06 ? Cadet Percy F. Burrage ? '08 ? Cadet MajorRaymond Moore Jr. ? '14 ? Cadet Capt. Harry M. Schaper ? '14 ? Cadet Capt. Perry Ross ? '14 ? Cadet…
Reis Parkdedicated to the memory ofCarolyn Wright& Walter ReisThe Wright Family Homestead (c. 1862) and 81 acres of land (now Reis Park) were bequeathed to the Town of Somers by Carolyn Wright Reis in 1967 to be used for educational and recreation…
Mt. Zion Church1794National RegisterofHistoric Places
[ top plaque ] Elephant HotelBuilt 1825National RegisterOf Historic Places [ bottom plaque ] Elephant HotelHas been designated aNational Historic Landmark This site possesses national significance in commemorating the history of the United State…
Dedicated ToThe Men and Women OfSomers, Who Have ServedOr Will Serve in TheArmed ForcesOf the United States1994
1917 ? 1919Erected by the Town of SomersIn Honor of Those Who ServedIn the Great War for DemocracyMildred Ashforth · William Bailey, Capt. · E. Stanley Baker · N. John Beigan · James Benedict · Bombay Bernado &mi…
[ south side ]In MemoriamOf The Brave MenFrom This VicinityWho Fell In The GreatRebellionErected By The LadiesSoldiers And SocietyOf Somers1865[ east side ]4th N.Y. H.A.Capt. James M. McKeelSergt. Theodore QuickSergt. William E. KniffinWilliam Don…
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