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The rectory was constructed in the Queen Anne Revival style in 1880 on land given by J.F. Allison and Mary Allison Botsford. The design was prepared by R. C. Boxall and constructed by Mr. J. Teed of Dorchester. Great pains were taken with the desi…
Erected to commemorate Yorkshire 2000, held August 3-10, 2000 a major gathering of descendants of the Yorkshire settlers celebrating the historic Yorkshire immigration to Chignecto 1772-1775 Dedicated May 2001
A pump-house was constructed on this site in the fall of 1919 to house a large water pump driven by a 40HP electric motor. The pump was installed to boost the water pressure in the Town's hydrants during times when water was required for fire figh…
The first Methodist chapel in the Sackville area was dedicated in July 1790 by the Rev James Mann. It[']s first trustees were John Fawcett · William Fawcett John Fawcett Jr · Andrew Wheldon Robert Atkinson The stone fou…
English: Born in or near Shediac, Pascal Poirier (1852-1933), historian and first Acadian senator; Placide Gaudet (1850-1930), historian and genealogist; John Clarence Webster (1863-1950), historian, Professor, and eminent surgeon, all enriched …