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The Newfane Railroad Station stands 100 yards east on Cemetery Hill Road. The Station includes the depot and water tank house, both of which were built in 1880 for the Brattleboro & Whitehall Railroad, intended to run from Brattleboro, VT, to Whit…
On this former wilderness trail to Canada, the pioneers built old Fort Dummer in 1724 below Brattleboro, then the frontiers most advanced outpost. Guilford, then the largest town in Vermont, was the scene of bitter strife between the "Yorkers" and…
This c. 1900 house was built for Dr. Laura Plantz (1829-1923), the first female medical practitioner in Vermont, Minnesota, and Michigan. Dr. Plantz graduated from Pennsylvania Medical University of Philadelphia. She specialized in women's disease…
At The Mouth of the Williams River A Few Rods East of This Place Rev. John Williams A Deerfield Captive On Sunday, March 5, 1704 Preached the First Protestant Sermon Delivered in the Territory that Later Became the State of Vermont Erected…
(east face) William French Shot at Westminster March 13, 1775, Erected by the State Of Vermont in 1873. (north face) Daniel Houghton Shot at Westminster March 13, 1775, by an act of the Vermont Legislature of 1904 These Bronze Tablets…
In Honor Of The Men Of This Community Who Served Their Country In World War II ★Metcalf, Raymond O. Aiken, Charles A. · Aiken, Lyle C. · Avery, William B. · Beam, Ernest F. Jr. · Boudrieau, Leonard F. …
The Town of Putney Remembers Our Men and Women Who Served To Protect Our Freedoms ◊ POW † KIA ★ MIA ♦ DIS ♥ Wounded Dedicated November 9, 2003 (left panels) Revolutionary War Alexander, Aaron…
Putney Town Hall 1871 is part of the Putney Historic District placed on the National Register Of Historic Places
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior