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The sport of competitive show skiing was born when the first Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Tournament was held in July of 1967. Wisconsin Rapids native Jack Lukes was instrumental in creating the tournament, helping write the tournament rules, an…
Dedicated in Honor of the Men and Women Who Served Our Country in All Wars
    1871-72 found the iron horse arriving in Grand Rapids & Centrailia. The railroad bridge replaced log, river rafting & its loss of life on the dangerous river rapids. A modern iron bridge was built to withstand the early, spring thaws. Long,…
   In 1891, Oberbeck Bros. Mfg. Co. created fine furniture. After 30 years, the company was shut down in 1918 when the U.S. government declared furniture mfg. non-essential during W.W.I. As a result, Ahdawagam Paper Prod. Co. was formed to manu…
Dedicated for the Sacrifice to the Cause of Freedom
Dedicated by The People of Marshfield to the Memory of Those Who Gave Their Lives for America's Cause During the World War ———— George Arnett · William Arnett · Louis Binder · Frank Boyer · Frede…
Designed and built by Frank A. Felhofer & Sons in the Art Deco style. Originally used as the home of the 135th Medical Regiment Band, it now serves the City of Marshfield for band concerts and public events. Marshfield Historic Register
???Point Basse, the French term for "low point" or "shallows," is located in what is now the Wood County township of Saratoga. For thousands of years Native Americans crossed the Wisconsin River here, the midpoint of a trail that ran east and wes…
This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 1909
1914 Designed by architect Gus A. Krasin in the Dutch Colonial Revival Style. Hamilton Roddis was as industrialist and civic leader who greatly contributed to the development of Marshfield. Marshfield Historic Register