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These four and one-half acres have never belonged to the white man, having been set aside in 1728 as an Indian Reservation by the forty proprietors who purchased the Praying Indian town of Hassanamesit.
Rowlandson rock is the site where captives such as Mary Rowlandson, her son, and others from Lancaster, spent their first night. The Indians holding them captive had just raided and burnt the Rowlandson Garrison and all of the buildings in town. …
Near this site was bornJohn Chapmanknown asJohnny AppleseedSept. 26, 1774?—?Mar. 18, 1845
Upon this rock May 2nd 1676 was made the agreement for the ransom of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson of Lancaster between the Indians and John Hoar of Concord. King Philip was with the Indians but refused his consent.
In the field nearby was situated the garrison house of the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson first ordained minister of Lancaster. During his absence on February 10, 1675-76 this garrison house was attacked and destroyed by the Indians. The inhabitants were …
Mary had a little lamb?.?.?.—Birthplace ofMary E. Sawyer(and her lamb)1806 - 1889—Sterling, Ma.
Dedicated in Honor and Memory of Those of Northborough Who Served in the World War 1917-1918
In honor of the men and women of Northborough who served our nation in war and peace.
One hundred and twenty-eight minute-men from Shrewsbury responded to the Lexington alarm April 19, 1775.—————————————-First Precinct Company - 65 menJob Cushing - Captai…
This road is the first mail route in North America, established in 1673 by King Charles II of England. In 1767, while Benjamin Franklin was Postmaster General, mileage was marked out with stone markers from Boston to New York City.
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