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Territory of ArizonaMCMX ― MCXI Home for Aged and Infirm Arizona PioneersEstablished by act of the Twenty-Fifth Legislature under the administration of Governor Joseph H. Kibbey. Erected under the direction of the Board of Control, Ric…
In the late 1800's, Thomas Earnhart erected the Kirkland Store on the site of today's Kirkland Bar and Steakhouse. In the early 1900's, Louis Haselfeld assumed ownership and opened the Haselfeld Store. The original wood frame building burned in…
Site of Assay Officeand way stop on road to Prescott
Founded in 1864, Prescott is Arizona's Mile High City and seat of Yavapai County government. Named for historian William Hickling Prescott, it was established on the banks of Granite Creek in 1864. Today it is the home to the Bob Stump VA Medic…
To those responsible for the Arizona pioneer's homeA. J. DoranIntroduced enabling legislation - 1907 Supervised construction - 1910first superintendent - 1911George D. MorrisReintroducedSuccessful enabling legislation - 1909Joseph h. Kibbey - Gove…
From 1857 to 1860 Lt. Edward F. Beale and a crew of 100 men built the first federal highway in the southwest. The 1857 Beale Expedition used 22 camels and dromedaries for pack animals. This road went from Fort Smith, Arkansas to Los Angeles, Calif…
Cypress Copper ― Bagdad CorporationIn memory ofWJ. Pace and J.M. MurphyWho filed the Bagdad claim January 1, 1882; John Lawler who patented the claim in 1889; and the Lincoln family who developed the mine.
Erectedin Memory ofCharles Churchill SmallMember American Society ofCivil Engineers 1874 [ Relief of Charles Small ] 1932 Father of Arizona Highways
Column 1Johnson 1865 · John Fry 1877 · Wycoff · Anna M. Smith 1880 · Baby Hamilton 1883 · Joseph Hodge 1885 · Thomas Hodge 1892 · Aggie Hodge 1892 Column 2Maggie Hodge 1892 · Lillie Hodge…
The following named individuals were assigned, either permanently or temporarily, to Camp Verde, Arizona Territory. While stationed here their personal action in combat was above and beyond the call of duty, earning them the nation's highest award…
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