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From 1632-1754 a few farms and native American habitations dotted the woodlands among this land originally granted to pioneer settlers Gov. John Endecott and Rev. Samuel Skelton. On the road to Salem lay the farm of George Jacobs, Sr., a victim of…
Called "Porter's Plain" after 17th century settlerJohn Porter, this level expanse of about one squaremile was sparsely inhabited into the mid-18th century.By the time of the American Revolution, patriotCaptain Jeremiah Page had settled here, estab…
gave this land to the inhabitants ofSalem Village asA Training Place Forever.To the memory of him and of the bravemen who have gone hence to pro-tect their homes and to servetheir country, this stoneis erected by the town.1894.
Defense was a prime necessity to the early settlers of Salem Village, and as early as 1671 the male inhabitants began meeting here for military drill. This preparation was heightened in 1675 during the King Philip War in which many villagers took …
A fine example of chronological and architectural house development, this was the 1692 home of Sarah Holton, who gave damaging testimony against Rebecca Nurse during the witchcraft hysteria. Here during revolutionary period lived Samuel Holten …