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Here lies buriedJames OtisOrator and Patriot of the RevolutionFamous for his argumentagainst Writs of AssistanceBorn 1725 - Died 1783 Massachusetts Society - Sons of the Revolution1808
Here lies buriedSamuel AdamsSigner of the Declaration of Independence,Governor of this Commonwealth,A leader of men and an ardent PatriotBorn 1722 ... Died 1803 Massachusetts Society - Sons of the Revolution1898
Left Marker:Here were buriedGovernors of MassachusettsJohn Winthrop 1649, John Endicott 1665,John Leverett 1679, William Shirley 1771,Lieut. Governors of MassachusettsWilliam Phillips 1827, Thomas Lindall Winthrop 1841;Governors of ConnecticutJohn…
Patriot, Son of Liberty,and first messenger sent byWarren from Boston to Lexingtonon the night of April 18-19 1775to warn Hancock and Adamsof the coming of the British troops.Born April 6 1745Died February 25 1799 Placed by theMassachusetts Soc…
Within this ground are buriedJohn Hancock, Samuel Adamsand Robert Treat Paine,signers of the Declaration of Independence;GovernorsRichard Bellingham, William Dummer,James Bowdoin, Increase Sumner,James Sullivan and Christopher Gore;Lieut. Governor…
This tablet as a memorial to Paul Revereis erected by thePaul Revere Memorial Association tocommemorate the opening to the publicon April 19, 1908of his old house at No. 19 North Squarein this city.May the youth of today when they visitthis old ho…
Born in Windsor England 1595Member of the Honourable ArtilleryCompany of London 1623 Devoted citizen of Bostonfrom 1635 to death in 1656 Liberal contributor for a town library for the maintenance of a free schoolmaster, for introducing pure …
On this site stood thePublic Latin School1748 - 1844Directly opposite stood the firstand the second school buildingoccupied by this school1645 - 1748 This tablet placed hereon the 300th anniversaryApril 23 1935 by the City of Boston
One of Boston's luxury hotels, opened by innovative hosteller Harvey Parker, the Parker House has been operating on this site since 1856. Parker introduced the European Plan, started the practice of scrod, the fresh white fish catch of the day. Th…
On this spot stood theFirst Houseerected for the use of theBoston Public Latin School.This School has been constantlyMaintained since it was Establishedby the following Vote of the town:At a General meeting upon Public Noticeit was agreed upon tha…