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          This tablet is inscribedin grateful memory of the Pilgrims and of their successors who at the time of the Unitarian Controversy in 1801 adhered to the belief of the Fathers and on the basis of the original creed and covenant perpet…
Scholar       Patriot       SoldierPresident ofThe Provincial Congressof MassachusettsGeneral ofThe American Revolution——————————Erected by the National SocietySons of the American …
Site of theFirst FortBuilt 1621Lower part used for churchAlso site of the fortbuilt in 1675which was 100 ft sq. Sides 10½ ft high
Fellow-exile with the Pilgrims in Holland,afterwards their chief agent in England.Arrived here IX November, MDCXXI,with Thomas Cushman his son;Preached IX December,his memorable sermon on "The danger of self-loveand the sweetness of true frie…
Site of one of the houses built in 1621. Seven dwelling houses were built the first year in addition to the one occupied by the Governor. This lot was assigned to Peter Brown.
has been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the InteriorCirca 1794
America's first street and siteof the home of William Brewster,the Pilgrims' spiritual leader.Formerly First Street, its namewas changed to Leyden Street in honourof the city in the Netherlandsthat offered refuge to the Pilgrims.
The Church of Scrooby Leyden and the Mayflowergathered on this hillside in 1620has ever since preserved unbroken recordsand maintained a continuous ministry.Its first covenant being still the basis of its fellowship.In reverent memory of its Pilgr…
          After the Pilgrims' arrival, Native Americans in New England grew increasingly frustrated with the English settlers' abuse and treachery. Metacomet (King Philip), a son of the Wampanoag sachem known as the Massasoit (Ousamequin), ca…
Built by Captain William Barnes in 1795for his new bride, Sally Tribble.This house sits on the original site of "The Common House" established by thePilgrims in 1623. Here the Pilgrims storedfood and housed their families until landwas g…