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Dedicated to the U.S.N. Armed Guard, and Merchant Seaman of W.W. II who served on ships, carrying the world to victory. In memory of The SS Blackpoint and crew, the last ship sunk in the Atlantic Theatre of War on May 5, 1945 by enemy action. She …
The Unknown Seaman Dedicated 7, October 1989 This monument is dedicated to the officers and men who sailed the ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine during World War II. Especially to the 6700 unsung heroes who lost their lives in that conflict. And t…
This bell is dedicated to the memory of those who were lost at sea when the SS Pan Oceanic Faith went down in the North Pacific on 9 October 1967. John P. Dunphy '65 · John M. Ward '65 · John R. McPhee '67 · Joseph P. No…
This plaque is dedicated to the officers and crew members of the S/S Marine Electric who lost their lives in the line of duty on 12 February 1983. By Marine Transport Lines, Inc. M.E.B.A District 81 National Maritime Union Masters, Mates and Pil…
Merchant Marine Memorial
Chief of Engineers Award of Excellence US Army Corps of EngineersCape Cod CanalFor exceptional project managemental achievements, and the enhancement of public perception of the corps objectives.
William Barclay Parsons, Hon.M.ASCEChief Engineer, Cape Cod Canal, 1906-1914The original construction of the Cape Cod Canal demonstrated the feasibility of constructing and operating a sea -level canal without locks.
Through her efforts suicide barriers were placed on the canal bridges."The Samaritans hope that saving people here will give them time to reconsider, to give themselves another chance at living, and at finding some help."
In Memory of August BelmontFebruary 18, 1853 - December 10, 1924Whose vision, initiative, an indomitable courage made possible the first complete construction of The Cape Cod CanalConnecting Buzzards Bay and Cape Cod Bay which was officially opene…
You are standing in the center of the Old Nye Estate. Before construction of the canal, this was the finest home in Bournedale, a sleepy Cape Cod village complete with post office, village hall, general store, and its own industry - the Tahanto Ir…